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Nurses Become Your Own Boss! Obtain the professional autonomy you've desired and have longed for by Helping Manage Pain, Opioid Substance Disorders, and Health Issues Through Nature's Medicine Medical

Get Our Cannabinoid (CBD) Friendly Nurse Advocate Business Kit

Only $750!

Time and again, nurses rank as the most trusted profession in Gallup’s annual survey of professions for their honesty and ethical standards. Nurses are the “bedside” health care providers who strive to promote health, prevent illness, and alleviate suffering.

The fundamental principles of nursing are compassion and respect for the individual patient. A key role of the nurse is to act as a patient advocate. Nurses are there for patients when it comes to the issue of medicinal cannabinoids (CBD) and other promising treatment modalities. Nurses For Safe Access gives nurses, autonomy and safer access into America's lucrative medical cannabinoid (CBD) industry, by creating an innovative healthcare delivery model: Independent Cannabinoid (CBD) Friendly Nurse Advocates. 

ANA overwhelmingly passed a strong resolution supporting patient access to cannabis as well as the education of Registered Nurses on evidence-based research on the efficacy of cannabis as medicine. Moreover, ANA has reaffirmed its position in a 2016 position paper.

Nurses For Safe Access provides all the business tools necessary to succeed as a independent cannabinoid (CBD) friendly nurse advocate, including 30 CEHs related to medical cannabinoids treatment modalities!

As the owner of your own independent nurse advocate business and a member of the NFSA collective, you will have access to...

Our Cannabinoid (CBD) Friendly Independent Nurse Advocate Business Kit Includes:

NEW! NFSA NURSES will now receive wholesale pricing for CBD oil to help augment your bottom line in your business!

• Our Cause-Driven Logo and Branding Material

• A 30-CEH curriculum from a book written by Dr. Goldstein M.D.

Cannabis Revealed – A Textbook by Dr. Bonni Goldstein M.D.

• Personalized Marketing Materials: 100 Business Cards, 75 Brochures, and Two Car Magnets

• PowerPoint Presentations for Support Groups (Modifiable)

• Patient Charting Forms and Data Collection Forms (Online)

• Release of Liability Forms for your Protection (Online)

• State Caregiver Forms for your Protection (Online)

• Online Links and Continual Educational Opportunities to Expand Your Knowledge and Training Within Our Growing Medical Cannabinoid and Nature's Medicine Industry

• Additional Income Opportunities for our Innovative Botanical Friendly Nurse Advocate program by offering your clients nutritional supplements, including probiotics, medicinal mushrooms, and botanical blends from the Amazon rainforest. 

In addition, you can:

• Apply to Become an Independent Nurse Provider for Medicaid and Medi-Cal Programs. Work as an "Independent Nurse Provider" for Federal and State funded programs, such as; "EPSDT Private Duty Nursing program" and other similar programs. Sign your clients up under Federal and State healthcare programs, and bill for your nursing hours.

Learn More EPSDT Private Duty Nursing

Learn More Medi-Cal Website EPSDT

Medi-Cal Programs

Angels In Waiting Nurse-Foster Provider

(California Only)

• Earn Additional Nursing Revenue by Being Your Own Boss and Working From Home (get wholesale pricing on CBD oil to sell to your patients! High Quality Infused Hemp Supplement)

• Set Your Own Hourly Consultation Fee and Take Payments via PayPal or Other Online Payment Portals

Be Able to Offer Your Patients Myriam's HOPE CBD oil, Potent Klaire Labs Probiotics and Nutritional Supplements, GMP Kratom products, and amazing botanicals blends from the Amazon Rainforest and receive WHOLESALE PRICING! 

Become A Nurse Advocate Today

Stay In The KNOW !

*** Nurses, it is imperative for you to know your state and local cannabinoid regulations, as well as your nursing board laws. Make sure to stay within your scope of nursing practice!


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